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Company Profile

We are Noga Real Estate, we initiate, plan, develop and improve real estate projects, with a focus on ‘boutique projects’ in highly desirable urban areas . There is nothing more exciting to us than seeing a neglected building, an empty lot or even an old gas station at a special location – and then to envision the real estate masterpiece that will take its place. Noga is a family boutique business that is founded on a belief in quality over quantity. That’s why not one of our projects resembles another. Among the numerous projects we look into, we carefully select those special challenges that we identify as high potential. Our projects are each the unique result of our approach, that dictates a customized solution. The process begins with the choice of architects and planners, to selection of the best suited professionals to see the project through to success, and ends with the signature level of finishing and unique character that our projects are recognized for.

Each property is treated with the hands-on attention that will enable it to reach its maximum potential. Every client is treated personally and enjoys a tailor-made living space that we work with the architect and designers to ensure it meets their needs with perfection.   

Our Reputation

Noga is the result of a long-standing family tradition of dedication to real estate, that began over 30 years ago and has reaped some of the most exclusive projects in Tel Aviv and central Jerusalem. Over the years, the high standards we hold our work to, our seasoned team of professionals and our financial facility have contributed to our stellar reputation as a stable and credible company. This reputation is further enhanced by the accomplishments of our Managing Partner & CEO, Siman Shazo that brings a wealth of diversity and experience to the company.

The Elyashar family, one of Jerusalem’s oldest and most prominent,  sets a high standard of financial stability and commitment to the company’s various branches of activity. The Elyahsar Foundation, the family’s real estate branch, has been active for over 30 years in the field of residential construction, as well as initiating, construction and management of the Golden Hill Assisted Living project. Mikud Group, a company that employs approximately 7,000 people, is a leader in the field of building security and maintenance across the country.

‎Over 30 years experience | professionalism | Personal and familial approach

Our Vision

Above all, we are driven by our desire to leave our mark on this earth. The unique signature we are recognized for is expressed through our deep love of aesthetics, architecture and buildings – and for the people that inhabit them. We strive for perfection and quality in even the smallest of details. Our capabilities are most accurately reflected in the field of elite construction – an area we are dedicated to consistently raising the bar of excellence and ingenuity within – for ourselves, our clients, our partners and the urban environment in which we live and work.  

We aspire to opt for involvement in only the projects that we feel most passionate about and personally connected to, in the aim of maximizing results for the clients that choose to work with us. Results that will enhance their quality of life and enrich their assets. We enjoy serving our clients and accompany them with commitment and professionalism throughout the entire process and beyond.  Our approach is familiar and familial – granting each client a homey feeling even before they have moved in to their new property.

phone *2901
email office@noga-group.co.il