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Frug 2

Central Tel Aviv

A ravishing Tel Aviv creation

Frug 2
Central Tel Aviv

A Tel Aviv urban creation, a tribute to an unmediated, multicultural, surprising, rough and sweeping city.

A new and unique boutique project, prominent in the Tel Aviv landscape. The project is located in a rare location on the corner of the quiet Frug Street, which curves to Dizengoff Square and the heart of the Tel Aviv scene. Prog offers an ideal Tel Aviv mix for people who want to live the center of the city’s existence and enjoy a luxurious, homey and prestigious residential style.

A 6.5-story urban renewal project with 11 large and spacious units that enjoy 3 air directions, a beautiful garden apartment that includes a pool, and a spectacular penthouse with a pool overlooking everything you love in Tel Aviv.

Type of project: Tama 38/2 | Architect: Bar Orian Architects Occupancy: 2020

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phone +972-36025300
email office@noga-group.co.il