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Email us at noga@noga.co.il

Visit us at Dizengoff Center, Dizengoff Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Areas of Expertise

We are active in 4 major areas of expertise

Acquisition and

These are complex processes that can often take time, and will require a range of skills that are fortified by years of professional experience. We take pride in our proven ability to identify assets with potential, improve them and their surroundings, maximize their value and transform them into high-quality, significantly higher-priced properties in a time period that supersedes market benchmarks.


Tama 38 is a process that is accompanied by numerous sensitivities that result from a diversity of tenants with varying preferences, interests and dreams. We relate to each tenant on a personal level, helping to alleviate their concerns and objections, while solving potential issues. Once the contract is signed, we conduct in-depth field work in preparation and towards devising a project concept that is suited to the area and target audience. Our ability to go from planning to execution quickly, overcoming the complex processes involved – is unmatched in this field.

Property Development

One of the most palpable advantages of working with a boutique, family-oriented company such as ours, stems from our ability to custom design assets for our customers – assets that are designed in collaboration to meet our clients’ needs. We relate to the residence as an envelopment that is enriched with all our client’s preferences, needs, and dreams, closely supported by the architect and interior designer. As partners to our clients, we are always happy to offer advice based on our own knowledge and experience in the aim of designing the home of their dreams.

Project Management

Our team is proficient in all project stages from locating and identifying a potential deal, through its acquisition and conceptual formation, improvement, architectural design, licensing permissions and onward. We select the right combination of human capital to carry through each project. We are uncompromising in the implementation of our vision for each project and are therefore adamant about our hands-on involvement in every stage of every project. We offer full support from the point of asset discovery, through its execution and on to its delivery as an extremely higher-value asset to the resident.

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